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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 3D Sound?

Most commonly, 3D sound effects are produced by setting up a “surround sound” system that you may already be familiar with. These systems will have 2, 3, or even 5.1 channels (and speakers). These multiple speakers are evenly distributed in an area to create a 3D effect.

Our systems use one of several techniques for capturing sound in “3D” all of which involve multiple microphones and even audio encoding to produce the 3D sound effects you hear in our samples. The difference between “3D” sound an traditional sound is that spatial data is embedded in the sound in a way that “tricks” your ears into hearing sounds coming from different directions.



What makes your sounds different from other nature CDs?

Our products are recorded with high-end equipment that captures an accurate spatial location of sound events including up, down, front and rear producing the 3D effects you hear in our samples.



Do I need special equipment to listen to your products?

No, our systems are designed to record sound in a way that enables the sound to be played back in 2 channels, the same 2 channels used by your current devices and home entertainment systems. Our CD’s can be played on virtually any device including computers, iPods, televisions, stereos and more.



How do I purchase a CD?

As of March 2011 We are currently in production and will be receiving our first shipment of CDs by the middle of May of 2012. You can pre-order a copy by visiting our store (and receive a 10% discount)



Do you have other titles?

Currently we do not offer other titles but will be releasing new sounds very soon after our launch. We house a collection thousands of hours of recordings including additional nature sounds, live concerts, sound effects, animals and much, much more.



What other applications are there for 3D sound?

Our products can be used:

  • – For relaxation after a long day
  • – As a sleep aid as well as an alarm clock
  • – During your massage (go ahead, ask your therapist to play your CD during your next massage)
  • – As a meditation aid
  • – As background sound while performing your daily tasks (we like running the stream CD while cleaning)