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About 3D Nature Sound Series


The 3D Nature Sound Series was recorded by Chuck Plaisance who has been in the music industry for over 30 years. He created his first 3D sound recording in 1998 when he recorded the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra’s first CD. He later recorded the Hollywood Bowl Choir for the Imax Feature Film, “Planet Earth”. Having grown up around the swamps and forests in his home state of Louisiana he always had an admiration for nature. This passion for nature and travel led him to exotic locations around the world to create 3D recordings of the Rainforest of Brazil, the waterfalls of Hawaii, beaches, forests, mountains, and much much more.


The Technology

The sounds in this series are created using special equipment that captures most component of the target sounds including their exact position in relation to the microphone. Our equipment embeds this data into the sound in a way that allows it to be played back in 2 channels. In other words our sounds can be played on traditional speakers or headphones! (Headphones are not required but are recommended for stronger 3D effect)


Applications of 3D Sound

Our 3D sound recordings have been used to record:

  • Sound effects for action scenes in feature films
  • Live performances by live orchestras, bands, and singers
  • Animals in their natural environment including dolphins, whales, crickets, and more
  • Sounds used by qualified professionals in the treatment of hearing impediments or conditions
  • Guided meditations, live chants by monks and sounds used in energetic healing


Take Our 3D Sound With You Wherever You Go

Add 3D Nature Sounds to your mobile device, MP3 player or listen to the CD. Instantly achieve balance, comfort and relaxation anywhere you go. Drown out distractions at work, or listen at night to promote restful sleep and relaxation. Take your 3D Nature Sounds to your next massage therapy and acupuncture appointments to help unleash tension. Wake up to these sounds by adding them to alarm clock or mobile alarm app. You can even listen at-home while performing your household responsibilities.

Remove the chaos, reclaim the calm and take a seat among the Earth’s most precious gifts with 3D Nature Sounds. Order your copy today by visiting our online store and selecting a sound.