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3D Sound Samples

Headphones not required but highly recommended for best effect!


Hilo Rain

Refreshing rainfall peacefully dances in one of Hilo, Hawaii’s bountiful gardens. Raindrops glisten on the bright orange, yellow and red blossoms of the island’s Ohia trees. A coastal town, with more than frequent rainfall, Hilo’s tropical rainstorms are the ultimate acoustic escape.

(238k – 14 second duration) – Order Now
Chuck Plaisance - Hilo Rain - 3d Nature Sound Series - Single


Ocean Waves

The rip and roar of ocean waves massage your mind into a deep, soothing relaxed state. Puna, Hawaii’s beaches are filled with exuberant life and endless activity. Experience the crisp sounds of the ocean hitting small pebbles and lightly tapping the sea’s walls, as the sights and scents complement the environment.

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Chuck Plaisance - Ocean Waves - 3d Nature Sound Series - Single


Forest Stream

Experience a gurgling stream that’s tucked away in California’s Angeles Crest Forest. This refreshing, serene auditory experience honors nature’s innate ability to connect and create magic music.

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Chuck Plaisance - Forest Stream - 3d Nature Sound Series - Single

Selections From our 3D Sound Lab

Race Cars

On your mark. Get set. Vroooom! Fierce competitors put the pedal to the metal. Follow our 3D cars around the racetrack until they reach the finish line.

(389k – 23 second duration) – Takes a couple of seconds to start


Tibetan Bowl

Repetitive, pulsating vibrations usher in calm and stillness. The sounds of the “singing bowl” awaken your inner-spirit, provoking creativity while intensifying the energy fields surrounding you.

(600k – 37 second duration)


Backbay Crickets

Backbay Crickets rhythmic songs effortlessly echo throughout Papa Bay. Imagine a warm summer’s night at the beach as these Hawaii natives sing songs that promote relaxation and restoration.

(242k – 14 second duration)